Ansbacher & Co Ltd

Web Designer & Developer



My role within the IT team at Ansbacher & Co ltd was to maintain all online assets in addition to various projects.


  • Apache
  • Branding
  • CSS
  • Design
  • HTML
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • JavaScript
  • Photoshop
  • PHP
  • SEO

As the web designer & developer my role was to maintain online assets in addition to running various projects. As the company had just changed ownership, my first major project was to roll out the rebranding throughout the online assets, both internally and externally. Taking this opportunity I restructured the underlying HTML to modernise the templates in the banking application and consequentially reducing page weights to optimise page speeds within the applications.

Additionally, I was the design lead for the rebrand of the online banking application; further developing various UI components that were wrapped into the core of the application.

As part of the team at Ansbacher & Co ltd the tasks I worked on were varied and diverse, these include a document automation project for creating monthly client portfolios. This involved translating XML feeds to print quality PDFs, scripting the creation of charts, images and multi-page statements in Adobe design packages. I was also responsible for the creation of wide range of digital promotional materials, including CD-ROMS and the group‘s screensaver.

In maintaining online assets I was responsible for the SEO, by analysing server statistics and optimising content we were able to get top search rankings for a identified range of key phrases. In addition, I was solely responsible for the design and upkeep of the global intranet, running a mixture of server side technologies. This included creating monthly newsletters, human resources and document store interfaces.